The Benefits of Being Yourself

It’s been said that “God don’t make no mistakes”. If ever there was a true statement, this would be one.

So if The Creator doesn’t make mistakes, then why do so many act as though they are just that? It’s because they have

succumbed to lie that if they don’t look, act or believe a certain way than they are not acceptable or good enough.

This belief usually leads to a person getting in lock step with what is popular versus what is right and fulfilling to the individual.

In turn people who are not strong enough to be themselves, overtime live their lives according to what’s best for them as determined by others.

That’s why it is critical that we be true to ourselves and do what we personally desire to do, as long as what we want to do is non destructive, morally correct

and rewarding.

It takes courage to be yourself. Especially if doing so causes a person to run the risk of being out of “the loop’ and outside of the group. But remember, happiness

is the true reward. Our level of happiness is determined by our level of fulfillment that we experience on our jobs, in our relationships and other important areas of our lives.

In addition to our personal satisfaction, we must remember that others are watching and waiting to see if we are going to be true to ourselves or not. When we do we provide

inspiration and courage to the timid to rock that new natural, go vegetarian, wear white in winter, start a family after 40 or commit other harmless forms of human expression.

So go ahead and thumb your nose at unreasonable conformity. Stop being afraid of rocking the boat. At the end of this life have no regrets or apologies for being yourself.

For it is better to have lived a life that you loved living, than to have not lived it at all. Enjoy!

Clarence Thomas, Jr. is the founder of Visionary Communications. The company specializes in public and media relations, strategic marketing, freelance journalism, photography and event planning. He is also the supportive, loving husband of the creator of this blog site. Contact Clarence at or

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