Why do people make transitioning to  natural so complicated. I think not. It’s  a simple thing. All you have to do is decide how you want  to approach it. Number one, cutting  all relax hair off or number two, simply growing  out your hair to a  certain length , then cutting hair to the new growth. Now, how hard was that? Folks stop making  transitioning to natural hair a BIG DEAL.

 Several steps need to happen  during this transition. Making sure the new growth is well conditioned. Style  hair by blow drying or  only hot combing the  new growth . Use a  moisturizer shampoo formulated for dry hair if that is your problem or use a shampoo that works for hair type.Deep condition hair under a hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes.  Use a daily moisturizer and oil to seal in moisture.


4 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. Good to see sistahs going back to the future. Afterall before chemicals, lye, hot combs and the Western beauty standard, being natural was…natural.
    The most empowering thing one can do is to be yourself. Having the courage, commitment and charisma to wear your hair in the state that The Most High blessed you with is to be commended.

    Your decision to be “nappy”, but happy has a profound impact in ways you would not believe. From little Black girls looking on, to brothers that know that you are not your hair, to you being ok with you everytime you look in the mirror, you have profoundly stated openly and outwardly to the world, ” take me as I am, or step off”.

    Sistahs are beautiful in any hair texture or do. And like those that choose to rock naturals, those that choose not to, deserve the respect due to ALL women of African descent.

    But for those that choose to forgo the various challenges associated with getting and maintaining relaxers, more power to you. Like my wife Evette – the creator of this blog – you have truly overcome. Congratulations ladies!

    Your Brother and Servant,

    Clarence Thomas, Jr.
    Visionary Communications
    “THE Communications Source in the Info Age”
    Macon, Georgia

  2. Hi,
    I am currently transitioning to natural hair. It is definitely a great experience. I feel a great bond with my hair now lol. It is also a learning experience. Using different products and seeing what works well with your hair type is I think the biggest hassle. I love seeing how long my natural hair is growing and I’m looking forward to having All Natural Hair. My ends I still permed. It will be a year in April since I last had a relaxer. I think I will make the big chop and finally cut my relaxed ends on that day. I love my natural hair!!!!!!!!

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