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Ear Candling  also known as Ear Coning is an alternative, ancient technique that has been around for centuries.  The ear cone is a hollow-tube  made from cotton or linen, coated with beeswax.  The end of the cone, outside of the ear is ignited with fire to withdraw toxins, wax, yeast, and other debris from the inner ear.  The treatment for each ear should  take about 10-15 min. Remember, these are not  regular candles that are purchased at the store or used in the home.

I had it done professionally  and trained to do the technique . I loved the warmth from the smoke entering my ear , it was absolutely amazing and soothing. Afterwards,  my ears felt  clean and refreshed. If you are interested and want more details, you can research, EAR CANDLING OR EAR CONING.

Check this YouTube Video out. Ear Candling actually works.