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Steam Conditioning Natural Hair

Olive Oil

Steam Conditioning the hair is wonderful for sealing moisture and strengthening the hair. An expensive steam dryer isn’t necessary if you follow these simple steps: 

  • Apply almond, grapeseed, shea, or olive oil to the hair or use  your favorite moisturizing or deep conditioner after shampooing the hair.The amount of oil or conditioner depends on the thickness and length of your hair.
  • Saturate your hair turban or towel  with water then put in the microwave until it’s hot enough not to burn your hands, if so, it’s too hot to put on your hair.
  • Put on  plastic cap
  • Apply heated turban or towel.
  •  Add another plastic cap
  • Sit under hooded dryer for 30- 45 min.
  • Lastly, rinse conditioner or oil from  the hair. Leave just a little for detangling.