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What Are Locs?

Locs are loose hairs that intertwined together from not being comb. Some people look at locs as being disgusting and unkempt. It all depends on the person wearing them. Wearing locs is just like any other style that requires maintenance. Shampooing, oiling, twisting roots, and conditioning the scalp  must be done to keep your hair and scalp healthy. The look of a head of locs depends on the texture of the individual’s hair.Just remember, every head of locs looks different.

Free Style Locs doesn’t require twisting  at the base of the hair, nature just do what it needs to do.

Removing lint from locs

Accumulating lint in locs is  nerve wrecking. With a little patience and a few tools , removing lint is  a breeze. These are a  few solutions to removing lint: a good clarifying shampoo, picking lint out with  your fingers and tweezers or try removing lint  by lightly brushing hair with a soft bristle brush