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New Moms And Baby.

Moms , please don’t try to be  super mom after bringing your baby home from the hospital.  Support from your spouse , friends, and family is your support system. Don’t hesitate asking for what you need for yourself and your baby.Mothers need to focus on healing from post birth and caring for their little one. Healing takes up to 6 weeks or more depending on  if you had a cesarean or vaginal birth. Avoid becoming overly stressed. BALANCE is the key.


According to CDC., new mothers who experience perinatal mood and anxiety disorders is more likely in the 20% range, which would mean around 1.3 million will develop postpartum depression.

Some newborns are extremely colicky whether you breast or bottle-feed. If you aren’t prepared,  this will drive you insane, because the baby will cry nonstop throughout  the night for weeks or months. If  you decide to breastfeed, research and talk to your doctors often. Breastfeeding isn’t easy, it is extremely difficult if you have never nursed.  If you can hack it for 3 months, most likely you will continue.

Breastfeeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding symbol

Deciding to breastfeed  can be a scary and awkward situation  for new mothers, because  most moms don’t have the correct information and knowledge about this form of feeding. Breastfeeding has many benefits to the mother and baby.The mother heals faster,  mother and child bonds quicker, economical, quicker weight loss,convenient,and decreases some forms of cancers. For the baby, the mother breast produces Colostrum which is known as GOLD before the real milk is produced, it  has nutrients and antibodies  that’s  good for the baby’s overall health. 

Mothers from the beginning of time have always breastfed their babies, there were no artificial  or substitute baby formulas  to give their baby.The mother had no other choice but to do what was instinctively natural to her which was to breastfeed her baby fresh out of the womb.

There are skeptics who  would love  to believe that breastfeeding is unnatural and unnecessary for the mother and child. It use to be a thing for poor mothers , but now mothers  from all socioeconomic backgrounds are partaking of  this  amazing and natural way of feeding their baby.

 I believe more mothers would breastfeed if they would do some research and talk to their doctor about breastfeeding.