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How often should I shampoo my baby’s hair?

I recommend shampooing your baby’s hair at least once a week, because over shampooing will cause extreme dryness to your baby’s  delicate scalp. Try selecting a shampoo with a low ph balance  between 4 to 6 range.

What To Do About Cradle Cap?

Cradle  Cap occurs on some newborn’s scalp during the first two months of life. Don’t worry moms, it’s not life threatening. Applying  warm virgin olive or almond oil to the scalp before shampooing baby’s hair and massage gently,this will help loosen up those stubborn little plaques and scales. Lastly, brush baby’s hair with a soft brush to remove additional  plaque on the scalp. This should be done weekly. If you have some natural remedies to remove cradle cap, post on my Blog.